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Over 1,500 customers and vinyl enthusiasts have entrusted Vinyl Shelter to provide both an unrivalled product and unrivalled service.

Vinyl Shelter Record Cleaning Fluid is the go to fluid for effective record cleaning, a favourite on EBay for many since 2014.


Using premium ingredients and the perfect formula for an IPA based solution, this fluid delivers excellent deep groove cleaning, leaving no residue behind and totally eliminates static from your records.


It is ready to use, no mixing or diluting necessary.

Ideal for machines such as the Knosti Disco Antistat, Moth, Spin Clean, Project VC-S, OKKI NOKKI or similar machines and fine for manual cleaning. Cotton wool pads are recommended, not micro fibre cloths as I have found they can leave extremely fine scratches, ALL OVER your record. 

Do not use on 78's or flexi discs, neither are made of vinyl.


Your fluid is made specifically for you with great precision and care and shipped  on the same day (orders placed before 16:30).

Your vinyl collection deserves nothing less.

Also available in 500ml, 1.5L, 2.5L & 5L sizes.

  • Cleans Superbly

  • Kills Static, Completely

  • Improves Sound, Noticeably

  • Dries Residue Free

  • Non Damaging

Vinyl Shelter Cleaning Fluid

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