Grades: VG+

Sleeve: As pictured.


Side A:

Summer Holiday

He'll Have to Go (Live)


Side B:

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Green Grow the Rushes Oh!


Side A Matrix: EXEP-I-B-1

Side B Matrix: EXEP-I-A-1


Signed copy. The matrix numbers are on the wrong sides, the side A matrix is actually on side B. In addition, the cover has both the tracks 2 on the wrong sides:  Order is, Summer Holiday, Green Grow the Rushes Oh! and Ghost Riders in the Sky, He'll Have to Go


YouTube Link:


Further information:

Frankie Bell Combo - Golden Sands EP (7" 45rpm)


                                                          | United Kingdom | | 07400 050890                        Last Updated: 13th June 2020 

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